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Plenary Lecture

New innovative lightweight materials technology for aerospace application

Tuesday (05.11.2019)
16:10 - 16:50
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The fuselage share of the structural weight of a commercial aircraft is extremely high. A reduction in weight together with improving resistance to corrosion decisively influence the direct operating costs of services for airlines and hence the cost effectiveness. So the race from metallic materials and polymer based composite it seems there is a big chance for a new light weight material technology in the future aerospace products again. This statement is an introduction of new design concepts with appropriate material technologies, that supports the new approach of “care free” structure designed for minimum life cycle cost. The general challenge is therefore to provide integrated material-technologies solutions by considering all operational steps of whole value added chain by insuring that targeted structure properties are received. Concurrent consideration of material concepts, design principles and manufacturing technologies are imperative and require close interaction between the material supplier and aircraft manufacturer in order to generate economical, performance, structural and environmental benefits of current and future aircrafts. A competitive new aircraft program requires the implementation of new technologies in an integrated manner, which allows further optimization of the aircraft family. This approach is characterized by an evolutionary process that utilizes step-by-step use of mature technologies built on experience and acceptance gained in design, production and operation, but still offering potential for further optimization.

Dr. Blanka Lenczowski
Airbus Defence and Space GmbH