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Plenary Lecture

Tailoring solute interactions, from clustering to precipitation, for the design of Aluminium alloys

Tuesday (05.11.2019)
12:50 - 13:30
Part of:

New classes of Aluminium alloys, such as the Al-Cu-Li alloys for aerospace applications, contain in addition to the main solute species, a number of additional solutes in smaller quantity such as Mg, Ag and Zn. These multiple solutes interact in intricate ways together with the vacancies, resulting in complex trajectories for the decomposition of the solid solution into solute clusters and eventually precipitates. These trajectories depend both on alloy composition and on processing parameters such as temperature or the presence of dislocations, which is a formidable challenge for alloy and process design.

This talk will explore some of these interactions by showing how the complementary use of specific experimental techniques (SAXS, SANS, APT, HAADF, …) makes it possible to evidence the very early stages of the alloy’s decomposition in (sub)nanometer-scale features. In a second part, a combinatorial methodology for exploring more efficiently the vast alloy design space will be presented, based on the fabrication of compositional gradient alloys and the use of high throughput characterization.

Prof. Alexis Deschamps
Grenoble Institute of Technology