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Invited Lecture

Deformation behaviour and formability of AA7075 tubes in as-quenched and artificially aged conditions

Tuesday (05.11.2019)
14:40 - 15:00
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Aluminium alloy 7075 is used extensively in the transportation industry. Because of its limited ductility in the artificially aged condition, it is often formed in the as-quenched (W) condition or with various degrees of natural ageing, and then artificially aged. However, the deformation induced between the solution heat treatment and the artificial ageing influences the final properties of the material. In this work, the behaviour of AA7075 in the as-quenched and naturally aged conditions is first studied. Uniaxial tension tests and ring hoop tension tests have been performed on tubes with different initial microstructures, and a crystal plasticity model has been calibrated from the results. The model has then been used to study the effect of natural ageing time and microstructure of the tubes on mechanical properties and formability. The effect of pre-deformation on the properties after artificial ageing has also been assessed.

Ph.D. Julie Lévesque
Quebec Metallurgy Center
Additional Authors:
  • Waqas Muhammad
    University of Waterloo
  • Prof. Augustin Gakwaya
    Université Laval
  • Prof. Kaan Inal
    University of Waterloo