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Oxidation and tensile behaviour of α titanium alloys at elevated temperatures compared to Ti6Al4V

Tuesday (05.11.2019)
15:00 - 15:20
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Light-weight materials have found a major use in many industrial applications. There, the high oxidation resistance in manufacturing- as well as operating temperature is of primary importance. Since titanium alloys, especially α ones, are distinguished to their oxidation resistance at elevated temperature, they became essential materials to manufacture components in the aerospace and automotive applications. In this study the dependant of oxidation resistance to the heating duration as well as test temperature is investigated. For this purpose a tensile test in different temperature levels is conducted. In the meantime, the ductility of each alloy is also examined. As a reference to the goodness of the results, the industrial well-known titanium alloy Ti6Al4V is considered. Results are demonstrated by means of metallography.


Tarik Nawaya
Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering - IWT
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Axel von Hehl
    Leibniz Institute for material engineering