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Invited Lecture

High strength 6xxx aluminium alloys for automotive structural applications

Wednesday (06.11.2019)
14:35 - 14:55
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As the drive for light-weight materials in the automotive industry increases, so does the use of aluminium alloys in body panels as well as structural components. High strength 6xxx alloys becomes more attractive as it helps reduce the weight pronouncedly without losing performance in body-in-white. The specific properties of high strength 6xxx alloys, e.g. formality, bendability and crashability, need to be considered during the whole alloy development process from alloy composition design, thermo-mechanical process to its application in the end use. In this talk, the key microstructure along the rolling process chain, which would potentially influence the final properties, was firstly summarized. Microstructure and texture optimization along the process chain according to the specific requirement of the properties was later highlighted. The success on applying the high strength 6xxx alloy in structural component also relies on understanding the needs of customers and supporting them by predicting and testing the forming and crash behavior. Therefore advanced microstructure modelling, simulation and testing approach for forming and crash performance will be introduced. In this approach, texture was used to simulate the isotropic properties, i.e. r values, to help the forming simulation. Precipitation hardening during paint bake circle was later coupled with forming simulation, by which working hardening can be predicted in the local level of a structural component. Finally we demonstrated the power and improvement of such approach for the crash simulation, together with the development of the failure model.

Dr.-Ing. Zeqin Liang
Novelis Deutschland GmbH
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Aude Despois
    Novelis R&T Centre, Sierre
  • Sebastijan Jurendic
    Novelis Deutschland GmbH, R&D Centre Göttingen
  • Julie Richard
    Novelis R&T Centre, Sierre
  • Dr. Cyrille Bezencon
    Novelis R&T Centre, Sierre
  • David Leyvraz
    Novelis R&T Centre, Sierre