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Invited Lecture

A novel manufacturing process and validated predictive model for high-strength and low-residual stresses in extra-large AA7xxx panels

Tuesday (05.11.2019)
15:00 - 15:20
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The production of extra-large aluminium alloy components, such as wing panels, ribs, stringers, etc., is important for the aviation industry. Producing qualified extra-large components with required shape and mechanical properties has been challenging using traditional manufacturing processes. This is attributed to the residual stresses (RS) generated in the process, which cannot be sufficiently reduced before machine finishing, thus causing issues with structural integrity and component distortion. To deal with this problem, an advanced manufacturing process is developed to produce low and controllable residual stressed components with required mechanical properties. This process consists a sequential of treatments including water quenching (WQ), cold rolling (CR) and constrained ageing (CA). The effectiveness of this process was experimentally verified by X-ray and Neutron diffraction tests. Additionally, an integrated FE model was developed to provide a prediction for each stage, enabling process optimization for industrial application.

Dr. Jinghua Zheng
Imperial College London