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Electromagnetic method for Aluminium degassing

Tuesday (05.11.2019)
14:20 - 14:40
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Degassing is a technological intermediate step in the aluminium production process between melting and casting. Hydrogen during production processes dissolves in liquid aluminium. To avoid pores after melt casting, during degassing process hydrogen is removed. Typically degassing is achieved by injecting an inert gas, usually argon or nitrogen. Hydrogen dissolves in inert gas bubbles, is transported to melt surface, where it burns into the atmosphere. Typically to improve efficiency of degassing process, gas bubbles are refined by mechanical rotors. Although mechanical method for bubble dispersion fulfils the task, it also has significant disadvantages. Instead of mechanical rotor we propose contactless liquid aluminium flow generation for effective bubble dispersion using electromagnetic method.

Mikus Milgravis
University of Latvia
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Andris Bojarevičs
    University of Latvia
  • Toms Beinerts
    University of Latvia
  • Reinis Baranovskis
    University of Latvia