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Invited Lecture

Study of springback behaviours of AA7075 under hot/warm stamping

Wednesday (06.11.2019)
11:45 - 12:05
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The automotive industry trends to favour aluminium alloys over steel for a reduction in the weight of the Body-in-White. AA7075 has been widely used in lightweight structural components. Due to the high stiffness to density and strength to density ratios, the commercial aluminium alloys AA7075 are good candidates for structural sheet-metal fabrications. However, the application of AA7075 has been impeded by their poor formability at ambient temperatures. Therefore, hot/ warm stamping was employed to manufacture the parts. In this paper, the springback of a U-shape workpiece was studied by conducting a series of experiments at varying forming temperatures and speeds. It was found that springback was reduced with elevated temperature and rapid stamping speed. In addition, finite element (FE) simulation of springback is also conducted to compare with the experimental results, which shows a good agreement

Dr. LiLiang Wang
Imperial College London
Additional Authors:
  • Yuhao Sun
    Imperial College London
  • Dr. Omer EL FAKIR
    Imperial College London
  • Qunli Zhang
    Imperial College London
  • Dr. Liliang Wang
    Imperial College London