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Predicting the microstructure-dependent fracture toughness of Titanium and Aluminium alloys at room temperature

Thursday (07.11.2019)
12:05 - 12:25
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Fracture toughness (KIC) is a property which describes the ability of a material to resist fracture. Complexity exists in the determination of KIC due to its dependency on microstructure. It is beneficial to develop computer-based physical models that can calculate the microstructure-dependent KIC to reduce the experimental cost. This study explores the feasibility of Hahn-Rosenfield model in the evaluation of KIC of a wide range of Titanium and Aluminium alloys at room temperature. The model is correlated to the microstructure information calculated in JMatPro®, such as the fraction of alpha-beta in Titanium and detrimental precipitate phases in Aluminium. The majority of the calculated results fall within 30% limit region from the measured value. The methodology can ultimately aid the materials processing and structural integrity assessment.

Dr. Jianan Hu
Sente Software Ltd
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Zhanli Guo
    Sente Software Ltd
  • Dr. Nigel Saunders
    Thermotech Ltd