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Effects of High Pressure Die Casting Melt Holder Crucible Systems on Metal Quality in EN AC 46000 Alloy

Tuesday (05.11.2019)
18:15 - 18:35
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Although high pressure die casting is a flexible mass production method with high productivity, high cooling rate and rapid filling of the die during process leads to formation of oxide bifilms which are responsible for some casting porosities. In this work, the effect of injection systems on casting quality of high pressure die casting will be investigated in 46000 aluminum alloy. Test samples to determine casting quality will be produced by injecting from open crucible system which has oxygen atmosphere and cast part produced by closed crucible system which does not contact with oxygen. Cast part samples will be remelted in a furnace and solidified in Reduced Pressure Test (RPT) equipment. X-Ray radiography will be used for viewing porosities and bifilm index (casting quality) will be measured by RPT. As a result, the effect of oxygen in injection crucible systems on casting quality and porosity formation will be revealed.

Irem Sapmaz
Yesilova Holding
Additional Authors:
  • Ömer Vardar
    Can Metal
  • Dr. Asım Zeybek
    Yesilova Holding
  • Gökhan Tekin
    Yesilova Holding
  • Dr. Muhammet Uludağ
    Bursa Technical University