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    LightMAT 2019
    3rd Conference & Exhibition on Light Materials - Science and Technology

5.-7. November 2019, Manchester (United Kingdom)

LightMAT 2019

The 3rd International Conference on Light Materials – Science and Technology (LightMAT 2019) gives a comprehensive overview and new insight into the three most important light metals Aluminium, Magnesium and Titanium and their combinations.

LightMAT 2019 gives a deep insight into the fundamentals and the specific requirements that apply to each of the three lightweight materials. The materials are viewed individually or in combination in multi-material designs, including the aspects of processing, joining and corrosion protection. In addition, LightMAT 2019 will focus on the advances in formability and novel forming technologies enabling light alloys to be shaped into complex components.



Die 3rd International Conference on Light Material - Science and Technology (LightMAT 2019) findet vom 5. bis 7. November 2019 in Manchester, UK...

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In einer Sonderausgabe von Advanced Engineering Materials sind zwölf ausgewählte Beiträge der LightMAT Konferenz 2017 veröffentlicht, um die jüngsten...

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